Genes, Genealogy
and the Migrations of Man

Note that this course has being substantially re-written in 2009 to include discoveries and changes of interpretation made the previous year.

01 - Are we there yet? A road map to the human past
Introduction to genetic testing and basic genetics. Note that this unit is a double one.
Course [1004Kb]

02 - Set in stone: The long way round
The evolution of Homo sapiens and some of our hominid cousins.
Course [580Kb]

03 - The longest march of all: The human diaspora
The "Out of Africa" theory and first steps to populating the world.
Course [996kb]

04 - The Long Beach Road to Oz - The first people in Sahul
The long march from the Red Sea to Australia and New Guinea.
Course [584Kb]

05 - Ancient Shells and Gods of Clay: The Magical World of the Jomon
Among the first people in Asia, their cultural legacy lives on in modern Japan.
Course [1.0Mb]

06 - The Durée of the Cave Bear: The first people in Europe
The reconstruction and genetics of Homo neanderthalensis, the first humans in Europe. Did they interbreed with our ancestors or just die out?
Course [616Kb]

07 - Wise Men from the East: The First Homo sapiens in Europe
Modern H. sapiens arrived ~45 kya: the Aurignacian culture.
Course [1.0Mb]

08 - From Frigid to Freezing: The Last Glacial Maximum
As Europe froze in the Late Upper Palaeolithic our ancestors retreated to refugia in warmer climes.
Course [356Kb]

09 - Anime of the Ancestors: Art of the Late Pleistocene
Mobiliary and cave art of the Late Pleistocene.
Course [1.4Mb]

10 - Reversing the Diaspora: Human migrations during the LGM
As the Ice retreated, people spread out over the world once more.
Course [636Kb]

11- The False Spring: The Death and Resurrection of Grass
European Mesolithic migrations between the LGM and the Younger Dryas
Course [760Kb]

12- Painting the Past by Numbers - Calculating Who was Where and When
Calculating TMRCA and the LBK culture
Course [508Kb]

13 - A Green and Pleasant Land: Europe in the Neolithic
The introduction of agriculture, pottery and domestication of animals.
Course [672Kb]

14 - Back-tracking from Babel: Genetics and the Indo-European Languages
The spread of languages especially the Indo-European family.
Course [788Kb]

15 - The Nation which Never Was: Celts and the Making of a Modern Myth
The Celts in Europe and impact of the Roman Empire
Course [1.03Mb]

16 - Clouties on the Family Tree: Genetics take over where the paper-trail ends
Fleshing out the genetic facts and figures with history
Course [724Kb]

17 - The Ruin of Britain: Angles, Saxons, Jutes and Vikings
After the Romans came others but what genetic impact did they have?
Course [748Kb]

18 - Myths of Origin & Icons of Time: Sorting the Sheep from Native Goats
The role of myth, Arthurian and Saxon, in the making of Britain.
Course [920Kb]

19 - Mystery Men of Scotland: The Vanished Picts.
Who were these people and whatever happened to the Picts?
Course [896Kb]